BERGHEM#molamy, by its nature and adhering to its founding principles, is particularly sensitive to the environment and its preservation. Below we invite you to read some suggestions and behaviors by which we try to live our passion while trying to minimize our ecological footprint. Everyone’s behavior, education and awareness, that makes the difference!!!

The B#green-zone

Four refreshments will be set up along the route, within which a GREEN area will be adopted
to support and respect the environment. The B#green zone is a garbage collection area located in the immediacy of the refreshment area, where water bottles, small bottles, snack wrappers and garbage in general must be absolutely thrown away by the competitors;
The Organizing Committee, in cooperation with the race officials and refreshment staff in charge of the organization, will ensure that participants do not litter along the race route and outside the B#green zones. All participants who engage in disrespectful behavior will be excluded from the rankings and the next editions of BERGHEM#molamia.


Eco-friendly behaviors

  1. Also use the bicycle to get to work or to friends. Avoid traffic, don’t pollute and keep fit.
  2. Use the special containers you will find along the race route after each refreshment area to get rid of waste (B#green zone).
  3. Try to prefer sports drinks and supplements that are packaged in reusable bottles (sachets).
  4. Look for sporting events that strive to be Emission Free and support organizations that have Green programs.
  5. Maintain your eco-behaviors even at home when you finish training or competitions: prefer showering to bathing, conserve energy, always choose Class A appliances, don’t leave anything on standby.
  6. Try to reach the B#mm venue by car sharing, with more passengers on the car. Full car, cleaner air–agree with fellow exercisers.
  7. When you wash, a good way to avoid attacking your skin and also the environment is to use natural, eco-friendly cleansers. Get advice on which ones at herbal stores and pharmacies.
  8. When printing the B#mm schedule or route to get there, set your printer to duplex mode, so you take up less

BERGHEM#molamia è un evento eco sostenibile

Chooses the right suppliers.
Informs athletes, exhibitors and visitors about the sustainability project.
Manages and reduces waste, especially regarding:

Food and Beverages

  • We do not use small bottles, but larger containers for water and soft drinks;
  • We equip staff and volunteers with bottles that can be used multiple times;
  • Prefer renting to buying materials;
  • Uses recyclable and/or biodegradable materials;
  • Aims for local and seasonal products;
  • Does not throw anything away and donates leftover food to canteens of institutions, etc;

Water and Electricity

  • Establishes partnerships with professional suppliers who can propose efficient solutions;
  • Uses existing sanitary stations. If necessary, uses existing toilets (schools, gyms) instead of chemical toilets;
  • Sets up water stations (reducing pressure and volume, providing timers, etc.);
    Uses energy-efficient equipment and lamps;
  • Informs staff, volunteers and other partners about sustainable use of resources.


  • Plan trips in advance to reduce transportation, making it more efficient;
  • Uses the least polluting vehicles: fuel-efficient cars, bicycles, electric vehicles;
  • Invites athletes and spectators to use public transportation, and encourage carpooling

Waste Management.

Events involving thousands of athletes and spectators generate waste: you can learn how to reuse, recycle and reduce it.

  • We work with a few local authorities experienced in waste management, to learn about their sustainability policy and the material that can be borrowed;
  • We set up collection points that provide for recycling;
  • We inform staff, volunteers, exhibitors and suppliers about the waste management system;
  • We limit the use of products with packaging: avoiding unnecessary packaging and preferring recyclable packaging, etc.; and
  • We retrieve abandoned waste along the route and at the start/finish line;
  • We provide penalties for athletes who litter outside the designated areas.

Suppliers to Exhibitors

Facciamo in modo che aderiscano al progetto di sostenibilità:

  • We inform them of the sustainability project and inquire about how they work before choosing them;
  • Where possible, we choose suppliers of recycled or recyclable products;
  • We invite compliance with the sustainability project;
  • We ask exhibitors to print brochures on recycled and double-sided paper;
  • We ask them to bring only necessary materials to the event and take home what they did not distribute;
  • We suggest distributing recycled, recyclable, long-lasting products;
  • We ask them to reduce the use of new packaging, preferring materials that can be used again and again.


Even throughout the year, as you prepare for your event, you can help the environment…

    • We minimize paper use: preferring double-sided printing, and using vegetable-based inks and recycled paper;
    • Where possible we employ electronic documents, reducing mailings and paper printing.
    • We reduce travel, preferring phone calls and video conferencing;
    • We make energy use as efficient as possible. By resorting to sunlight as much as possible instead of turning on the lights ( all of this also applies to the office set up in the race headquarters…).
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