Our team



BERGHEM#molamia is managed by a team composed by a set of ten person, made of professionist and appassionate, and over 150 person of voluteers. They have over 30 years of experience in road bike race organizartion.
This team, very close and resolute, as the people of Bergamo are, act under the impulse of a genuine passion for this sport, and all of them share the philosofy at the base of this event.


our team

Roberto Bertola

Arrival area coordinator

Rita Trapletti

Author and administration

Paola Bertola

Author, supply and sponsors

Mauro Zinetti

Main organizer

Maurizio Nembrini

Logistics and refreshing spot responsable

Luca Rebba

Expo area responsible and food supply chain

Juri Mazzoleni

Joint responsable of the arrival area

Elio Donini

Web master, graphics, communication, artistic director.

Catia Piccinini

Logistica e responsabile punto ristoro

Arturo Marzetti

Logistics and refreshing spot responsable.