The numbers

Km tot
Km timed
m alt. gap

In detail

10.5 KmLength of the first timed section Nembro-Selvino.
630 mAltitude (m) gap of the first timed section Nembro-Selvino.
2.5 KmLength of the second timed section Oltre il Colle -Zambla.
234 mAltitude (m) gap of the second timed section Oltre il Colle -Zambla.
6.1 Km Length of the third timed section Ranzanico lago - Forcellino di Bianzano.
314 mAltitude (m) gap of the second timed section Ranzanico lago - Forcellino di Bianzano.
2168 mTotal race positive altitude gap.
3Refreshing spots ( Selvino, Zambla, Lovere).
3Mechanic service.
4TRansfer sections.


  • Total distance =115km
  • Timed total distance= 22.6 km
  • Number of refreshing spots=3
  • Mechanich service= 3

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  • Timed Hill climbing KASK & KOO =10.5km and 630m alt. gap.
  • Timed Hill climbing ROSTI = 2.5km and 234m alt. gap.
  • Timed Hill climbing SCOTT =6.1km and 314m alt. gap.
  • Total positiv altimetric gap = 2168m
Cronometric table (based on the time of the last edition)
Street Km Time
Gazzaniga – Via G. Marconi – START 0 7.00
Comenduno – traffic light 3,9 7.08
Albino – traffic light 5,6 7.13
Nembro – 1° timed hill climbe START SP36 8,9 7.18
Selvino – END 1° timed hill climb 19,4 7.40
Selvino – Refreshing spot 20 7.40
Selvino – refreshing spot (open gate start of the group) 20 8.00
Selvino – direction to AMA/td> 22 8.05
Amora -end hill SP31 23.5 8.10
Aviatico – Via cantul right toward Trafficanti 25,8 8.15
Serina – toward Passo Zambla SP37 38,1 8.30
Cross road to dossena 40 8.35
Oltre il Colle – Center/td> 44,6 8.50
Oltre il Colle – START 2° Timed hill climb 47.0 8.56
Passo Zambla – END 2° Timed hill climbe SP46 49,5 9.08
Passo Zambla – refreshing spot 49,7 9.10
Passo Zambla – refreshing spot (gate opening ang restart of the group) 49.7 9.30
Ponte Nossa – END down hill fork with the other tracks SS671-ANAS 63,5 9.50
Clusono -resturant Bussola, – fork between MEZZ and LONK tracks SP53-ANAS 71.6 10.05
Cerete – Center 76 10.15
Sellere 83,6 10.20
Lovere – roundebout for Pianico 85,1 10.25
Lovere – end of the down hill 86,4 10.30
Lovere – refreshing spot 86,7 10.30
Lovere – refreshing spot (open the gate and group restart the race) 86,7 10.45
Pianico 90 10.55
Sovere – cross with SS42 SS42 92 11.05
Endine Gaiano 94 11.09
Ranzanico al Lago – START – 3° timed hill climb SP40 99 11.15
Passo Forcella – END 3° timed hill climb 105 11.35
Cene – Church 112 11.50
Gazzaniga -Rova 114 12.00
Gazzaniga – Via G. Marconi – ARRIVAL 115 12.05
Gazzaniga – Via G. Marconi – ARRIVAL of the Finish race car 115 13.05

Yes, every racer can choose the most suitable track for him. The choice can be done even during the race.  (reed the regulation).

NO. the ranking is just one  and is made by adding the three times of the three different hill climbs. However, by athe statistic point of view, there will be indicated single time of each timed hill climbe. 

The ranking  will be exposed at the end of the race on paper form in the arrival area, and the day after the race you can find and download  on this site (clik here), or on the official web site of ENDU (clik here).

Yes,  for 1 hour after the passage of the first athlet the road will be close at the regular veicular traffic.SI. Per i primi 15 minuti dal passaggio del primo concorrente la strada verrà chiusa. Nevertheless, is strongly raccomanded to exercise caution  and to keep the right side of the road, to respect stops and crossroads.

NO. Although, for the final ranking the transfert parts are not calculated, this behaviur is against the ethic of our competition, that includes transfert parts with controlled speed to enjoy the company of other athlets, friends and landscapes. Furthermore on the crossroads are present person in charge to make your experience as safety as possible.