Our History



La BERGHEM#molamia born this year, in January 2020, under an impulse done by a couple of “ladyes” that are a fulcrum in the Gazzanighese cyclism team.
But this project was realy taken in consideration during the first serious and drammatic lock-down that heavily overhel Bergamo province and in particular Seriana Valley where Gazzaniga is located, due to the Pandemic COVID-19.
The spring of 2020 will be remembered as the most sad spring of the century.
An health emergency that rewrite the history of the human being. Bergamo was involved  forefront  with its neverseen pain, with its fears, but also with its dignity, character and tenacity. The wole world discover the ashtag #molamia (that in local language means never give up!).
So from that moment a big willing of reborning, revenge, willing of freadom, to valorize and enphasize what it should be really important in our lives, that’s time… time to enjoy the values we strongly believe in.
BERGHEM#molamia is our personal tribute to those person of Bergamo lands that promtly reacted to the “most sad spring of the centuty”, and for those people that in those days dreamed to pedaling with their bycicle…now… it’s your time!!!!

We are fully satisied for this newborn event, and we are determinated to grown it up in the future years… because we bilieve in this our land, in this adventure and in the values that rappresents!!!

This year, 2020, despite all the difficulty created by the procedures for minimize the infection due to the still in course pandemic, we was able to end this progect with more than 200 participants and many ex-professional racer , included pink jerseys as Gotti, Savoldelli, and Norma Gimondi as rappresentance of her father, the unforgettable Felice Gimondi!!!

 If you missed this historic edition, do not despair…2021 is not far away!!!

BERGHEM#molamia got experience, and for the 2021 we prepared routes for sure more demanding, by doubling distance for both tracks, with more services and one more refreshment spot, more professionality, one more timed section, and each timed part has its own peculiar characteristics: for the fast runners, for the more regular athletes, for cronoman… but in any case all with the philosophy that distinguish us. 

It was an exceptional edition…since we quadrupled the participant compared to the year before!!!! and we are still under the pandemic rules!!!! The spirit of this event with parts in controlled and turistic riding, alternates to competitive and timed parts it seems to becam a new standard for the road bikers, that enjoy all the elements such as competition, friends, food, landscape and THE PARTY!!!

2022 it is the year of BERGHEM#molamia standards consolidation. Furthermore we added a medium route (115km) and enlonging the long one up to 180km, that pass all over the Scalve valley…that no one race ever did before.

The event takes on more and more characteristics of a great event…in numbers…in people…in spaces…in services and safety!!!

Our commitment inthe previous two years, for rise as a new format for bike racing, are giving their results, since there were over 1300 participant on the start line at 7:00 O’clock!!!!
In this edition we completely redrow the concept of safety introducing mandatory waiting gate at the refreshment spots, in this way the majority of the athlets had been ricompacted, giving the possibility to the safety staff to better controll the veicular traffic on the streets. Furthermore in this way athlet enjoy and share the moment with other appasionate ciclists. Refreshment has been powered and encreased in size, personel and variety of food with any tipe of refrigerate drinking (beer included), and mathing any kind of alimentary esigence..carboidrates, proteins, sugar and fructose, mineral salts and energy gels. In particular on the long route the athles was escorted by different groups of police on motorbike, give them the serenity to pedal in a sefty road.

Particular attention we have given ffor welcoming all the participants, let them to live a multysensorila experience, by aiming to an emotional invlvement, at start, at the refreshment spots and at arrival, with exclusive and original entertainments… that’s result of a coordinated artistic competence and technical knoledge.

So…let say that BERGHEM#molamia isn’t yet a mature competition, but surely we forged ahead in full speed, and with this edition it has been noted by the national level, given the presence of some athlets coming from other countryes …and south america too!!!!

In any case, BERGHEM#molamia is ready for the edition 2023!!! June 11th… as usual in Gazzaniga…where else???