Rule book

SC Gazzanighese ASD cycling team – organize, Sunday June 16th 2024 in Gazzaniga, the event called “BERGHEM#molamia” 5th edition.

THE PARTECIPATION  is subject to the regular possession of the following requisitions:

  • Age between 18 and 75 for both genders.
  • Card-holder athlets of the FCI, ACSI or other sports promotion agency
  • Having a medical certificate for the idoneity at the agonist cyclism (certificate for other sport such as triathlon, duathlon, running, etc. will be not considering valid); The certificate must be uploaded un the ENDU portal during the race registration process. This certificate is required just in case the athlet is not registerd on DataHealth,service.
  • For those who are living abroad (not in Italy): is required a simple medical certificate even released by his medical care service (a doctor), where it is reported the idoneity to agonistic cycling race, that should be in italian or english language, and must not be release more than one year before the race. So for the model download from here: Certificate for foreign athlet.

In case of verification of the medical certificate during the delivery number procedure, could be done as following: 

  • Verify the affiliation card with the relative DataHealth logo, and its expire date
  • Verification throu the DataHealth QRcode; 
  • For those that haven’t an affiliation card, by the ispection of the medical certificate on paper.” 


For those italian athlet without any affiliation card or for the foreign athlet without licence UCI, ASI or other sports promotion body it is possible to participate exclusively by show a medical certificate for the idoneity at the agonist cyclism (certificate for other sport such as triathlon, duathlon, running, etc. will be not considering valid) tat must be done not earlier than one year from the date of the event, and by purchasing the on-day affiliation card at a cost of 10 euros at the time of registration. See the specific chapter later on in this rule book.


The participants with one-day affiliation card, are considered affiliated for the event.

The Organizing Committee at any time and at its sole discretion can decide whether to accept the registration or exclude a participant from the event if it could damage the image of the event.

Professionals, elites (men and women), under 23 and all invited guests are admitted exclusively for promotional purposes and upon invitation by the Organizing Committee and will not be able to participate in any way in the ranking.

ETHICAL REQUIREMENT  By registering at the BERGHEM#molamia, the participant certifies the non-existence of sporting, civil and / or criminal sanctions, even if discounted, for facts relating to doping and declares that he has not taken – and not taken – substances included in the World anti-doping list Antidoping Agency (WADA). The false self-certification will be prosecuted according to the law.

ONE DAY AFFILIATION CARD for those who are not in possession of an annual A.C.S.I. o F.C.I. or other bodies of the Consultation, it is possible to subscribe an A.C.S.I. at a cost of 10.00 euros; membership must be requested upon registration; the membership regularizes the athlete’s position by ensuring the same multi-risk insurance coverage + RCT provided for annual members limited to the day of its use. For the issue of the One Day Affiliation Card, it is mandatory, regardless of the path chosen, according to the new A.C.S.I. 2021, be in possession of a Certificate of Fitness for Competitive Sports Activities issued for the practice of sport: cycling, this certificate must be valid and shown at the time of registration.

ROUTES The BERGHEM#molamia has 3 routes: 153 km “Lonc” route; “Mèzz” route of 115 km; 72.3 km “Kürt” route. Each competitor has the right to choose the route most suited to him and this choice can be made during the course of the race at the sole discretion of the participant. No cyclist, guide or other will be able to join and / or queue, under penalty of immediate exclusion. Furthermore, in the event of accidents or damage caused to regularly registered athletes, those responsible will be denounced according to the law.

BICYCLES and E-BIKES at BERGHEM#molamia any type of bicycle is allowed, both muscle and e-bike, including vintage bicycles (handbikes excluded). Travel bags (touring bikes) are allowed. Towed trolleys are not allowed.

Upon registration, the participant must declare with a special flag that he will participate in the BERGHEM#molamia with an e-bike, therefore he will be assigned a special number.

At the start and before each timed section and on the route there will be several employees who will check all the bicycles that pass and the relative verification with the competitor’s number. Anyone caught using an e-bike without having the relevant special number will be immediately reported and excluded from the rankings.

Participants with e-bikle vehicles will be included in special rankings that can be downloaded from the DOWNLOAD / RANKINGS section (male and female) with the sole purpose of informing the athlete about travel times and comparing themselves with the same category (e-bike category), but they will be EXCLUDED FROM THE OFFICIAL RANKINGS WITH PRIZES.

REGISTRATION FORM must be completed in all its parts, paying close attention to the fields that identify the person: date of birth written in full, day month year, address, mobile and fixed telephone number, e-mail, name of the sportive group with which you are registered, card number and related sportive group code, the need for the obe day affiliation card or not. In fact, we remind you that having exact and complete data helps the organization to have the possibility of immediate communications in case of need. The type of bicycle you intend to use will also be asked: muscle or e-bike, and also, although not binding, you will be asked which route you intend to participate in. This last preference is uysefull for the event organizer to provide a correct ammount of food and services on the different refreshing spots on the route.

PRE-EMPTION ENROLLMENTS are open pre-emption for participants of the 2022 edition from 06/14/2022 to 06/30/2022


STANDARD ENROLLMENTS are open for loyalists (who have participated in all previous editions) exclusively and in preview at a reduced price from 11/14 to 11/27/2022, while for all others starting from 11/28/2022. They can be done exclusively online by accessing the registration site (ENDU portal), you can find the links in the main menu of this site.


By signing the registration, the organizer or his delegate is authorized, in case of need, to obtain information also relating to sensitive data from the competent authorities. These data will be used exclusively for any information to family members in case of accidents.

ENROLLMENT CLOSED at midnight on 6 June 2023, unless otherwise provided by the organizing committee, which in the event of reaching the limit of participants for safety reasons could close in advance the registrations for SOLD OUT, with notification of closure via the official communication channel to the public of its website

ENROLLMENT CLOSED at midnight on 8 June 2023, unless otherwise provided by the organizing committee, which in the event of reaching the limit of participants for safety reasons could close in advance the registrations for SOLD OUT, with notification of closure via the official communication channel to the public of its website


Loyal (participants in all previous editions) are open from 14/06 to 30/06/2022

  • Euro 30 
  • Euro 30 + 10 (for those who need a one day affiliation card)   

Partecipants of edizione 2022, open from 14/06 to 30/06/2022

  • Euro 35 
  • Euro 35 + 10 (for those who need a one day affiliation card)


Loyal (participants in all previous editions) are open from November 14th to November 27th 2022

  • Euro 35 
  • Euro 35 + 10 (for those who need a one day affiliation card)   

First  quotation from November 28th 2022 to February 28th 2023 

  • Euro 40 
  • Euro 40 + 10 (for those who need a one day affiliation card)   

Second  quotation from from March the 1st to April the 30th 2023

  • Euro 45 
  • Euro 45 + 10 (for those who need a one day affiliation card)   

Third  quotation from May the 1st to June the 8th 2023

  • Euro 50 
  • Euro 50 + 10 (for those who need a one day affiliation card)   


  • For those who celebrate the birthday the day of the race  (see the condition below).*

* To be eligible for free registration, send an identity document to, once the verification has been carried out we will send you a 100% vaucher discount code to be used at the time of registration. To obtain the correct discount code, it is also important that you notify us if you hod a affiliation card or not,  in this case also attach the affiliation card. Any cost for the one day affiliation card is excluded from the discount code.

Group registration is possible *. In this case there are the following discount:

  • 10% on the total ammount of the registration fee, with at least 10 persons.
  • 20% on the total ammount of the registration fee, with at least 20 persons.

 * The group discount is active only for groups registered at the same time and only on the first second and third fee (November the 28th 2023 to June the 6th 2023)



  • Inclusion in the rankings.
  • Access to the mechanical service on the route.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Race pack
  • n. 3 refreshment points +1 water supply point in Selvino (Passo Zambla, Passo Presolana, Lovere)
  • n. 1 pasta party adjacent to the finish area.
  • 1 guarded recovery bike at the pasta party
  • n. 1 disposable chrono chip (according to covid-19 regulations)
  • n. 2 timed sections (Kürt = Nembro-Selvino + Oltre il Colle – Passo Zambla); 3 timed sections (Mèzz= Nembro-Selvino + Oltre il Colle + Ranzanico-Passo Forcella); n. 4 timed sections ( LONK= Nembro-Selvino + Oltre il Colle -pass Zambla + Bratto – Donico + Ranzanico-Passo Forcella).
  • Individual prizes to the first classified in each category, both male and female
  • Awards for larger groups.
  • At the end of the race you will receive an additional surprise.


PAYMENT FEES: The ENDU management system will automatically manage the payment receipt by charging the payment fees.

REFUND OF MEMBERSHIP FEES Registration fees are non-refundable for any reason. However, to the  registered athlete unable to take part at the “BERGHEM#molamia” an alternative is offered: transfer of the registration to another person. It is possible to transfer the registration to another person by making a request (  strictly  no later than 4 June 2023 and by paying a supplement of Euro 10.00 for administrative fees. The person registered as a replacement must provide all personal and membership information. The payment of the registration fee will be considered valid for the registration to the next BERGHEM#molamia in case of cancellation of the event for reasons beyond the control of the organizer (example: natural disasters, revocation of administrative authorizations, epidemics, pandemics, or decrees ministerial).

DELIVERY OF NUMBERS AND RACE PACKAGES at the auditorium of the municipal library in via Giuseppe Mazzini in Gazzaniga, Saturday June the 10th 2023 from 15:00 to 18.00 and Sunday June the 11th morning from 5:00 to 6:45.



In any case, it is advisable to have with you for any checks or verifications by ENDU agents present on the site also:


In order to facilitate the distribution, and to avoid gatherings, the collection of race packages for other participants is allowed through the display of:

For each delegator, the paper proxy document signed by the delegator  (download)

  • ID card copy for each delegator.
  • For each delegator, the disclaimer of liability signed by the delegator (download)

FRONT AND DORSAL RACE NUMBERS: the back and front race numbers cannot be changed in the format (they contain timing chips). The modification of the same will result in disqualification from the event.

The member is responsible for his / her bib / race number which is the only valid document to participate in the event and access its services, mentioned in these regulations and any subsequent communications. Anyone who participates in the event without regular registration, without number, with an altered number or in any case not in accordance with the assignment, as well as being held responsible for any damage to persons or property, including himself, incurs the sporting sanctions of the federal bodies and may be subject to the civil and criminal penalties provided for by law.

DEPARTURE Access to the start (queuing on the grids), in via Guglielmo Marconi in Gazzaniga, is allowed from 6:00 am. The departure is scheduled for 7:00 am after opening the grids at 6:45 am.

Admission to the grid does not depend by the bib number

TIMEKEEPING Time keeping is by OTC s.r.l. of Como. The measurement of the times and the processing of the rankings will be carried out by a system based on an active transponder (“chip”) that will be integrated in the race number (bib). It is forbidden to tamper with the chip and the support that blocks it at the race number. Athletes who in any way cut, detach and / or damage the “chip race number” will not be timed and will not be included in the rankings.

  • For each participant of the route “LONC” will be recorded the official time of the 4 timed sections:

–  from the Nembro Oratory up to the end of the Selvino hille (public water fountain).

– from Via Costa in Oltre il colle to passo Zambla .

– from via provinciale in Bratto to Donico.

– fromda via Lovere in Ranzanico to passo Forcella in Bianzano.


  • For each participant of the route “MEZZ” will be recorded the official time of the 3 timed sections:

–  from the Nembro Oratory up to the end of the Selvino hille (public water fountain).

– from Via Costa in Oltre il colle to passo Zambla .

– fromda via Lovere in Ranzanico to passo Forcella in Bianzano.


  • For each participant of the route “KÜRT” will be recorded the official time of the 2 timed sections:

–  from the Nembro Oratory up to the end of the Selvino hille (public water fountain).

– from Via Costa in Oltre il colle to passo Zambla .



RANKINGS : The rankings will be drawn up by adding up the times of all the timed sections, therefore three different rankings will be drawn up : one for “LONC”, one for “MèZZ” and one for “KÜRT” routes, and can be viewed in alphabetical order upon arrival area at the end of the event, or un the official BERGHEM#molamia web site starting by the day after the event.

Participants with assisted bicycles will be excluded from the official prize rankings (see the BICYCLES chapter of this regulation).

Participants who do not complete the route passing through all the check points (timed sections and check points) and the finish line check-point in via Terruzzi in Gazzaniga will also be excluded from the rankings.

It is strictly forbidden for any participant to pass the CYCLING RACE BEGINNING car, both in the cycling touring sections and during the waiting gates at the refreshment points (see the specific section “gates” in this regulation), under penalty of immediate expulsion from the event and from all related rankings.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT all participants must have the following equipment with them at the time of departure:

  • a set of tools for removing the tire / tubular.
  • a spare (or tubular) air chamber;
  • a pump (or canister) to inflate the wheels.

It is also recommended to bring suitable clothing and a wind/water stopper cape with you in the event of bad weather.

ARRIVAL TIME LIMIT  by 17:30 for the Lonk and Mèzz route, and by 12:30 for the KURT route.

TIME GATE for greater enjoyment of the track, to ensure high safety standards, and in line with the philosophy of the event, some closing gates are provided:

  • First gate  at the crossroads of KURT (Ponte Nossa) starting from 12:00 all competitors will be diverted to the “KüRT” route.
  • Second gate at the crossroads of the Mèzz (Clusone roundabout Minuscoli / Bussola) at 13:00 all the competitors will be diverted to the MèZZ route. The deviation times may be subject to little variations to guarantee the safety of the competitors.
  • Additional grouping gates to increase the security of the event are provided according to the following timetable:
  • At the Selvino refreshment point, all competitors will wait for the restart gate that will be opened at 8:00 represented by the departure of the race director car.
  • At the refreshment point in Zambla, all competitors will wait for the restart gate that will be opened at 9:30, represented by the departure of the race director car.
  • At the Passo Presolana refreshment point, all competitors will wait for the restart gate that will be opened at 11:30 am, represented by the departure of the race director car.
  • At the Lovere refreshment point there will be two restart gates, one for the participants of the medium course at 10:40 am and one for the participants of the Lonk route at 13:10 represented by the departure of the race director car.

AWARDS  the first classified for each category, both male and female, of the routes “LONC”, “MèZZ” and “KüRT”, are invited to honor the event by presenting themselves at the award ceremony, at the podium, at the end of the event. The awarded athlets must present themselves, without  inappropriate clothing and maintain a dignified behavior. Participants with assisted bicycles are excluded from the awards ceremony (see the BICYCLES chapter of this regulation).


Male and female.

    • Sbarbach: from 18 to 30 years old
    • Giuègn: from 31 to 40 years old
    • Om (male) and Fonne (female): from 41 to 55 years old
    • Ech: over 56 years old

PRIZES The organization provides, in addition, the conferment of some prizes aimed at the LARGEST GROUPS (same team). The Prize will be delivered ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY to the “Group Manager” who, by presenting the card of the sports club to which he belongs and the identity card, will self-certify with a signature on the prize receipt document. IN case of same participant number, the winner group will be the one with more athlet on the finish line, and in case of further equality the winner will be team with the older athlet. 

Category SBARBACH (18 to 30 years old) 

Category GIUEGN (31 to 40 years old)

Categoria OM (male) and FONNE (female) (41 to 55 years old)

Category ECH (over 56)


to be defined


to be defined


to be definedt


to be defined


to be defined


to be defined

Larger groups
  • 1st group, barbecue neat for 50 persons
  • 2nd group, barbecue neat for 40 persons
  • 3rd group, barbecue neat for 30 persons
  • 4th group, barbecue neat for 15 persons
  • 5th group, barbecue neat for 15 persons

RESULTS AND RANKINGS  the partial and final times will be available and downloadable from the website in the DOWNLOAD / RANKINGS section starting from 12 June 2023 or on the website of the timekeepers of the event the following day. It will also be possible to view a paper list at the end of the event near the awards stage in alphabetical order.

HELMET the use of a helmet is mandatory.

FOLLOWING VEHICLES no vehicle (scooters, motorcycles, cars, etc.) is allowed to accompany competitors. Penalty for immediate exclusion from the event.

MECHANICAL ASSISTANCE is prohibited by private vehicles (not prepared by the Organizing Committee) following the race or simply on the roadside, since three mechanical assistance points will be provided.

FIRST AID HEALTH SERVICE are on the route and at the points of departure and arrival without any relative responsibility of the Organizing Committee.

REFRESHMENT POINTS AND PASTA PARTY. GLUTEN FREE DISHES WILL NOT BE DISPENSED at all refreshment points and pasta parties, so if the competitor has particular food intolerances (fruits or other foods), he is requested to have sufficient provisions to tackle the routes independently. The organization is not responsible if a competitor eats foods intolerant to him.


CHECKS Automated checks are mandatory both at the start and along the various routes. Anyone who anticipates the start or starts without the due control located on the starting line will be considered not started and therefore will not appear in the official classification.

WITHDRAWAL ATHLETES    “SPECIFIC VEHICLES” are provided for the recovery of athletes withdrawn and located along the entire route, This vehicles will follow the race and transport the athletes to the finish area.

COMPLIANCE WITH THE ROAD CODE. The highway code is in force throughout the event and the roads will be temporarily closed to traffic as per the prefecture’s ordinance. In any case, during the entire duration of the “BERGHEM#molamia” event, mandatory compliance and observance of the rules of the road apply BOTH IN TRANSFER AND TIMED SECTIONS. IN PARTICULAR, THE TRANSFER SECTIONS MUST BE DEALED AT MODERATE SPEED IN ORDER TO AVOID  ANY DANGEROUS SITUATION, (Enjoy the view !!!).

ACTIVITIES ON THE IMAGES ACQUIRED DURING THE EVENT As reported in the DECLARATION OF AWARENESS FOR RISK-TAKING AND DISCLAIMER OF RESPONSIBILITY signed and given back to the organization of the “BERGHEM#molamia”, during the course of the cycling race, organization will acquire images form some photographs or videos that will be used for the purpose of informing various moments of the event on the “BERGHEM#molamia” website, on the promotional material of the event, on social media and in the specialized press, television and not. Both the photographic images and the videos will be stored in computer archives by external managers, duly appointed by the organization to process the data.


WEBSITE official information body of the event is the web site, therefore all official communications and any postponements of registrations will be made known on the site.


It is compulsory to deliver the “declaration of awarness for risk-taking abd desclimer of responsibility” (downloadable from the download area) at the time of bib collection. Below we list them to underline their importance, the fundamental contents:

To this end I self-certify, and declare, assuming all civil and criminal responsibility in the event of a reckless, irresponsible and / or mendacious declaration as following:

– To have read and carefully evaluated the description and the rules of the event on the relevant official web page and consequently to know the routes, the altimetric gaps, the difficulties and dangerous , the difficulties and dangers and therefore to be fully aware of the risks to my personal safety and that of others, involved in participating in it and taking on myself fully such risks, among which the minimum rest, the possible presence of animals on the path, the possible severe adverse weather conditions, the orientation problems, the physical and mental fatigue, discomfort, injuries and I am therefore fully aware and I take the risk of being able to find myself injured and / or incapacitated in a place where it could not be possible to get medical help in time to avoid physical damage, even fatal. To have therefore well considered to have personal experience and also psycho-physical capacity and autonomy such as to be able to manage the difficulties that I might encounter also with regard to finding water, food and areas of refuge or rest, even in adverse weather conditions.

– To have carefully read and to have fully understand the rule book in its totality, reported on the relative web page of the web site: and I accept it in all its part;

– To have read the rule book of the A.C.S.I. (Associazione Centri Sportivi Italiani) and I accept it in all its parts;

– To have checked the efficiency and the wearing status of the braking system of the bike that I will use for the race, and in general the mechanic condition of if, and to be the responsible of it;

– To recognize the Organizer’s unquestionable right and power to modify the route at any time and / or to cancel and / or suspend the event at any time, in case safety reasons recommend it;

– To grant the Organizer the right, authorized by me, to use free, without territorial and time limits, of still or moving images that portray me during the Event;

– To know and acknowledge that no contractual or non-contractual liability can be recognized by the Organizer for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage suffered by me or caused by me to third parties during the Event;

– To release and indemnify the Organizer and its persons in charge and collaborators from any liability for any damage and / or injury and / or loss suffered by me or by my vehicle or by my equipment in relation to participation in the Event, whatever the cause;

– To release and indemnify the Organizer and its supervisors and collaborators from any liability and burden, including any legal fees, for any damage and / or loss and / or damage and / or injury suffered by third parties and / or their property to cause of my conduct;

– To acknowledge my obligation to comply with the Highway Code and to always maintain the conditions of my vehicle adequate to what is prescribed by the same Code, in particular as regards the braking and lighting systems;

– To acknowledge my obligation to wear a rigid and duly approved protective helmet, during and for the entire duration of the test, of

– To acknowledge and acknowledge that the only legal obligation assumed by the Organizer towards me is to organize chronometric checks and food and water assistance in the refreshment points;

– To release and indemnify the Organizer and its supervisors and collaborators from any responsibility and burden for medical problems inherent to allergens taken at the refreshment points.

LIABILITY AND PRIVACY PROTECTION  By registering with the “BERGHEM#molamia”, the athlete declares: to fully understand and accept these regulations; to exonerate the organizers, sponsors, the federation, the race judges group and the media partners, from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and / or things caused by him or derived from him; to be physically fit for the characteristics of the event; to register voluntarily; to be aware that the event takes place on roads open to traffic; to be aware that, being a cycling event under the auspices of the F.C.I .-. U.C.I., and A.C.S.I. must be in possession of the requisites required by the Federation; to assume all risks arising from his participation in the event such as falls, contacts with other participants, spectators, vehicles or other contacts, hot / cold weather conditions, rain / humid conditions, traffic and road conditions, risks from him / her well known and valued. Participating athletes must respect the rules of the Highway Code.

In relation to the information pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016, the competitor declares to have read this information and to have understood its content, purposes, methods of treatment in compliance with current legislation and principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and confidentiality. You declare that you have been informed of the mandatory consent to its processing for the specified purposes, including the possibility that your data will also be transmitted and processed by third parties offering services connected and connected to “BERGHEM#molamia”. The competitor is also made aware of the privacy rights reserved to him and of the right to revoke the consent to the processing of his personal data, at any time, with written communication to be sent to S.C. Gazzanighese ASD via Europa, 23 24025 Gazzaniga at state middle school –

FINAL WARNINGS  The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time for reasons it deems appropriate for a better organization of the race. For anything not covered by this regulation, the technical standards of the U.C.I. , of the F.C.I. and the A.C.S.I are valid. Any changes to services, places and times will be appropriately communicated to registered athletes or will be posted on the website Furthermore, the documentation containing the essential information to take part in the race will be delivered by the organization together with the bib.

INFORMATION  For general information on the  “BERGHEM#molamia” it is possible to contact the staff by email:

For problem on secretary please contact:

To contact the main management and logistic

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